About our projects

Our projects go through the different developmental stages of the child and his/her family. 

Project Pepe 

This is an educational project directed to children between 3 - 5 years old who have little possibilities to early education and schooling. The idea is during Pepe-year to give the children the capasities that they need to enter a state founded school. Pepe includes preschool, transport, breakfast, snack and activities. 


Sponsor a child

With a monthly donation you support a child and also their family and community. The idea is guarantee better quality of children's education and to prevent children having to move to institutions solely because of lack of parent's finances.

Youth programm
Por Una Sonrisa wants to support young people that have terminated basic level of education and want to study professional careers nationally or internationally through a sponsoring program. 

Social conditions to enter the projects
  • Parent (father or mother) is unembloyed, families who are internally displaced (refugees), very poor or belong to the socioeconomic levels 1 or 2.
  • Children who are not in any formal education
  • Priority is given to families with children that are not involved in other programs or projects.